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Grass Roots Footy Documentary Series: Finley

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

By Sporting Chance Magazine

"If Finley footy club didn't exist, I think the population would go down by about half"

Sporting Chance Magazine proudly presents the first instalment of the Grass Roots Footy documentary series. This episode focuses on the NSW town Finley.

Grass Roots Footy introduces us to the legends and stories of the beating heart of Australian football - and the nation itself.

Through times of adversity - like the last drought - the Finley Footy and Netball club became the town's social outlet; an excuse to gather as a community and focus on something positive.

Win, lose, or draw, for decades the Club has fostered the development of the town's youth and encouraged new settlers and old friends back to the area.

Footy and Netball clubs play a critical role in building and maintaining the social, cultural and financial fabric of Australia's country towns - and this is no-more evident than in Finley.

Know a footy and netball club that has a story to tell or want to help sponsor this project? Get in touch with the team today.


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